Air Filtering
Infant Cover

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Peace of Mind for Parents...
Pure Air for Babies

Air Filtering Cover, Purify Every Breath

Take Your Baby Anywhere with Peace of Mind

Purify Every Breath

Peace of Mind for Parents + Pure Air for Babies

LUXE Bamboo Car Seat Cover + Nursing Cover

The Most Innovative Cover Ever Designed! Patent Pending

Custom removable medical grade filters protect your baby from germs, viruses, bacteria, smoke, pollen, pollution, allergens and fumes.

All natural and eco-friendly OEKO-TEX® Certified for sensitive skin, UV Protective and naturally cooling.

The Multi-Use Air Filtering Cover
Provides Privacy + Protection From Birth to Toddler


I love the concept of these covers, especially during a pandemic! As an OB/GYN and new mama of twins, I love using these at pediatrician visits and other outings for extra protection. They are easy to use, the color is beautiful, and the material is stretchy and super soft!
My baby is a heart warrior and very high risk for infection as he was also born with Heterotaxy Syndrome with no spleen. We try to stay secluded for the most part but we do have many dr appointments. I have delayed transitioning him to a convertible car set and we are still using the infant car seat so we can cover him while we are in the doctors Read more about review stating Must have for a heart warriorand therapy waiting rooms! I absolutely LOVE this cover we’ve been using it for several weeks now and it’s so nice and very soft! I love the button feature on the top which other brands don’t have. This is a must have baby item!
The Snuggle Shield provides so much peace of mind when out with our little one. It stays in place and I don’t have to worry about it falling off. The material is super soft, stretchy and durable. Every mom and dad needs this! Love this product!
We love the Snuggle Shield! It’s multi-use function is amazing. We able to cover our baby carrier, my wife can utilize it easily to feed our baby when out at a restaurant, it covers our baby from sun and acts as a shade anywhere we go. What’s unique is the filtering system inside to protect our baby boy from toxins, allergens, smoke and debris.
It’s impossible to stay home all day with my tiny guy so when I have to go out and into big crowds I feel so much more comfortable knowing he’s shielded from not just Covid but any viruses that may pass through droplets or air. Love this
I'm an OB/GYN and mother of 3 and highly recommend the Snuggle Shield! It's a great product I have used myself and would recommend for friends and patients. As a car seat cover, it protects my baby from the sun, germs, and nosy strangers and it also doubles as a great cover up during breastfeeding. I appreciate that it's a little bigger than other cover ups I have used and it's very soft and breathable material. It was really designed with a lot of thought in mind and I would highly recommend it!
I am pregnant with my 4th child, and I wish I had a Snuggle Shield earlier! The fabric is so lightweight and soft! Our family is always on-the-go, and I look forward to using it for nursing in addition to keeping my little one safe.

LUXE Protection™ + Privacy + Peace of Mind + Pure Air for Baby

Our custom medical grade filters are made from 4 layers of surgical mask material tested in the US for breathability and bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE 99.8%) they provide the highest layer of protection. Essential for going home from the hospital, pediatric appointments, travel, crowded areas and anywhere with poor air quality.